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Women’s Department

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Service Times


8am- Men’s Meeting

8:30am- Women’s Prayer

9am- Breakfast

9:45am -Sunday School

11am- Morning Worship


7:30pm- Prayer Meeting


7:30pm- Bible Study for all ages


12:00pm – Mid-Week Prayer Meeting

6:30pm- Chorale Rehearsal

Pastor Willaim A. Harris and First Lady Dorothy Harris

Women’s Department

The Women’s Department being the most robust and organized department in the church accomplishes several things yearly.  The department is led by First Lady Dorothy Harris. 

Birthday Group

It is organized through Birthday Group.  The Birthday Groups is separated into 4 quarters and the women are assigned to a birthday group according to the date of their birthday.  Each quarter gives a birthday celebration for the preceding quarter. This organization allows birthday groups to take the lead on many of the women’s department events and it allows easy separation of tasks.  Please contact the Birthday Captains to get involved.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club was started to increase participation in the Sunday school department.  The Breakfast Club features 1 birthday club per Sunday.  Birthday Club members build camaraderie and teamwork by working to prepare a freshly cooked wholesome breakfast for the participants of Sunday school.

Secret Sister

This is a lovely program to allow the women to intercede, encourage and discover the true meaning of sisterhood.  Each year the women are asked to participate in this program that allows a secret sister to acknowledge the special events in each woman’s life.  Each sister is provided with a list of the participant’s favorite things, special dates, and prayer needs. The secret sister is revealed during the Annual Women’s Retreat.   Please contact Sister Katrina Greer to be involved in this program.

Programs & Events

Each year the WD sponsors 3 major events. They are the Annual Tea (Mid April), Women’s Day (4th Sunday in June) and the Women’s Retreat (First weekend of October).  The Tea is a very dainty event whose aim is to inspire sisterhood and provide a special opportunity to bring out the China and silverware.  Women’s Day allows women to control every aspect of the Morning Worship Service.  This event also provides a unique experience for the uplifting of womanhood.   The women’s Retreat is an awesome event that allows women to get away from the cares of life and retreat into the presence of God. Women are invigorated by the presence of God and the true sisterhood in the atmosphere.  They are taught how to live as Women of God in this present world and energized to do service in our local church and community.