Grace Community Church of Detroit

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20021 W. Chicago
Detroit, MI 48228
Phone: (313) 273-0410
Fax: (313) 273-0419

Service Times


8am- Men’s Meeting

8:30am- Women’s Prayer

9am- Breakfast

9:45am -Sunday School

11am- Morning Worship


7:30pm- Prayer Meeting


7:30pm- Bible Study for all ages


12:00pm – Mid-Week Prayer Meeting

6:30pm- Chorale Rehearsal

Pastor Willaim A. Harris and First Lady Dorothy Harris


Each year, the church is involved with several mission programs both here in the community and abroad.  Outreach is very important to our ministry because it allows the church to be the hands and feet of the gospel. Our church’s vision and mission is highly intertwined in outreach.


We support many mission programs aboard in places like India and Africa.

More info to come.

In the Community

Sick and Shut-in

 Our ministerial staff and membership work to provide prayer and support for those members who have become unable to make it to services due to mobility concerns.  Once a month the ministers provide communion and visits to our sick and shut in.  The membership also works to visit and send notes and cards to those members as well.  We also pray for the sick in every morning worship service.  If you would like to be added to this list please contact, First Lady Dorothy Harris.

Boxes of Love

Each year our church partners with Here’s Life Inner City and Dixon School to provide food for the needy during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.  The time of outreach includes providing food and spiritual care to 30 families per year.  To get involved in this program, contact Lavon Sider.

Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance

Grace is heavily involved in seeing not only a spiritual change in the community but a natural change in the community.  Members of the church are active in the Community’s governance board. The roles include our pastor as a member of the Board, and other members active in the program committee and resource committees.   We also play a significant role in community’s Faith Alliance. This is an alliance of 13 churches within the Cody Rouge area have teamed together to provide services and spiritual nourishment to the community.  To learn more about the organization, check out the website at  codyrouge.orgat   and to get involved in this program, contact Donna Harris.

EACH – Outreach

EACH is the acronym for “Everyone A Chance to Hear”. It is a Spirit-led organization made up of Christ followers in the Metro Detroit area that are unifying to conduct a Gospel saturation campaign (Good News and good deeds) in the various communities that make up the area. The name of the campaign will be revealed at a later date. 

Lord willing, this will be the widest and most effective evangelistic campaign in the history of Metro Detroit.  The goal is not just to give every person multiple chances to connect with the message of Christ, but also to:

  • see tens of thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ;
  • see churches, ministries, and leaders working together as one body;
  • see substantial growth in our existing churches;
  • permanently alter the spiritual landscape of Metro Detroit;
  • to make a statement to a watching world: The Metro Detroit region is rebuilding, and Jesus is the foundation of our comeback.

To meet our goals, we have a five-step approach:

  1. We will collaborate with all evangelical churches and ministries in our region.
  2. We will blanket our efforts in substantial prayer.
  3. We will develop every good strategy available to us.
  4. We will equip and train believers to be ambassadors for Christ in their world.
  5. During a 40-day period beginning Easter Sunday (April 24, 2011) we will strive to give everyone in our region a chance to hear the message of Christ and to take the “next step” in his or her spiritual journey.

To become involved in this movement, please contact Juanita Tetteh and take a look at